NevillesbdaygraphicOn the heels of Neville’s Birthday Party July 30th, The Brentwood Library’s Harry Potter Alliance chapter has been recognized for its outstanding efforts in community service.

Below is an excerpt from “Magical Moments: Harry Potter at the Library”


Community Service

In Tennessee, Heather Lanier and Claire Stanton are two of the leaders of the Brentwood Library’s HPA chapter, Chamber of Knowledge. Their library throws Harry Potter-themed parties with an emphasis on community service. “For example, we collected donations for an animal rehabilitation facility as part of our holiday Yule Ball. Lots of fun and lots of helping the animals! We celebrate the spirit of kindness and social activism found in the Harry Potter books quarterly,” they say. Their library’s events draw patrons of all ages.

This month, Chamber of Knowledge is throwing a birthday party for Neville Longbottom. They’ll collect “presents” for him—i.e., donations of blankets, towels, and other items to give to an animal welfare facility. “We especially love to donate to animals because Tennessee has such varied wildlife, and animals play a huge role in the Harry Potter series,” they say.

Lanier and Stanton maintain that these events always need a touch of magic, whether that takes the form of snacks with wizarding world names or fun activities. They listen to patrons’ suggestions, and children usually have great ideas. They also stress the importance of adding a service component to the events, “because the overall theme of Harry Potter is love, and loving our world means making it a better place, whether that is through recycling programs, working with charities, or anything else! The Brentwood Library’s Harry Potter Alliance chapter has not only raised money and supplies for animal charities, but we have recycled plastic bottles and old CDs into artwork, worked on cleaning up the environment either through stream cleanups or asking restaurants to consider environmentally friendly takeout containers, or collected seeds to create a seed library where everyone’s hard work can be shared.”

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