The Brentwood Seed Library is a community effort to share seeds from a variety of plants grown locally. We need your help to build this Heirloom seed library and set up a seed swap between friends and neighbors in the community!

Borrow – Plant – Share

How does the Seed Library work?
We have a collection of organized seeds stationed next to the reference desk. Here you can take seeds for planting, or drop off your own seeds.

Seed library bagsHow do I drop off seeds?
To drop off seeds, be sure to grab a complimentary seed bag at the circulation desk during normal business hours.


How do I pick up seeds?
To explore new and different seed options, stop by the seed library next to the reference desk to browse the current collection.


What are the best practices for participating in the seed library?
A few quick tips: make sure you keep your seeds dry and remove as much chaff as you can. It’s especially helpful to label your seeds and scribble down any notes or tips that might be helpful. For a full list of best practices and other seed library information, review the seed library handout.