This month, Dr. Andre L. Churchwell’s art will be on display on the gallery wall. A talented artist and writer, Churchwell is the Senior Associate Dean for Diversity Affairs at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.


Dr. Churchwell gained inspiration from his father, a journalist with a talent for sketching, who would frequently draw his favorite cartoons. He further gained appreciation for art as a medical student, saying “As a medical student in gross anatomy class, I could fully grasp the accuracy of Leonardo’s drawing of anatomic dissection.” The young artist and medical student even attempted to hang on to those old drawings, but he tells us “The smell of formaldehyde has persisted, lo these many years, and have left them relegated, by my wife’s decree, to a deep, covered corner in the basement.”

Like many artists, Churchwell’s art and writing contribute to a reduction stress and also assist him when working with patients, staff, and colleagues. “My [art] serves as a vehicle to cross ‘the interpersonal chasm’ that exists between the patient and the doctor during their first encounter.”

Dr. Andre Churchwell’s passion for art has become an influence in his career and life, and his work will be on display all this month at the library artist gallery.

Presented by The Friends of The Brentwood Library:

Each month, The Brentwood Library hosts two local artists on the Friends of the Brentwood Library (FOBL) Gallery Wall and Showcase Display. Please take a few extra moments the next time you visit to pause and savor these artists’ creations.

Each artist who displays their collection on the FOBL Gallery Wall contributes one piece to the our Art Lending Library. With over 230 pieces to choose from, patrons are able to check them out for ninety days. This artwork is a beautiful addition to the library that includes original artwork in acrylics, oils, pen and ink, pastels, photographs, and water colors. A full, detailed description of most items can be found in the Digital Collection on the library’s website.