Catherine Grace McMurray of Turning Grace Studios is bringing her love for pottery to The Brentwood Library this month.


McMurray started her studio back in 2000 and is driven by her love for the spinning wheel. Her goal is to create something that is pleasing to look at but functional as well. “These are all made with the intention that they will be used for generations,” she writes on her website. Catherine does about a third of her work through a process called Raku. This 16th century process can result in gorgeous effects that enhance the beauty of a piece. Regardless of the process used, all the pieces on display in the library this month are beautiful and reflect the hands of a skilled sculptor. “Ultimately, what I really treasure in all pottery are the simple, functional, skillfully thrown pieces that can be enjoyed for years.”

Presented by Friends of The Brentwood Library:

Each month, The Brentwood Library hosts two local artists on the Friends of the Brentwood Library (FOBL) Gallery Wall and Showcase Display. The next time you pay us a visit, take a few extra moments to pause and savor these artists’ creations.