October FOBL Artist Showcase

Nancy Higgins


This month, Nancy Higgins brings her artistic vantage point to The Brentwood Library showcase. Representing White Rose Gallery, Higgins is a believer in using technology to enhance an artists vision. “I think that the advances of technology actually help the fine arts to be a commodity of value to our society and to those who admire and buy original art, ” writes Higgins. Her work aims to affect observers on an emotional level.

Higgins’ collection contains several pieces of beautiful, original work that will be on display until the end of October.

Presented by Friends of The Brentwood Library:

Each month, The Brentwood Library hosts two local artists on the Friends of the Brentwood Library (FOBL) Gallery Wall and Showcase Display. The next time you pay us a visit, take a few extra moments to pause and savor these artists’ creations.